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PBR Podcast: (Pizza Beer Revolution) The Revolutions Surround Us... Mike Pullano & Dennis the Intern along with their featured guest host Joe Gatto (Impractical Jokers) will thrill and delight you with their hysterical anecdotes.  From their trademark "Top or Bottom" to their "Armchair Futurist" segment, you are sure to be informed (at least 60% of the time) and most definitely entertained. Boasting an impressive guest list the PBR boys uncover the revolutions of their guest & their guests industry. Mike, Dennis & Joe each bring a unique perspective to the proverbial table. Whether they are playing one of their signature games or spotlighting their guest, it’s pure entertainment for the listener.  Come join the Revolution!

Sep 28, 2015

EP22: Carla Marie

Z100 Producer and Lifestyle Contributor, Carla Marie joins the REVOLUTION this week and charms the pants off the boys! Joe Gatto is in the house ... well actually, we're in his house.  The boys record from NorthSouth Productions in The Tenderloins office tonight and peel back the layers of the lady who...

Sep 21, 2015

EP21: Practically Live


A conversation with Greg Olliver & Joe Gatto


The band is back together! Mike Pullano, Joe Maffie, Derek D, Greg Olliver & Joe Gatto are back together doing what they do best... breaking chops and telling stories.  In this episode Greg & Joe share their stories of the bus tour during...

Sep 14, 2015

Special Behind the scenes of EP19: Lisa Varga followed by...


EP20: Phil Villapiano:


PHIL VILLAPIANO, former NFL Linebacker - Oakland Raiders, Buffalo Bills.

Four time Pro-Bowl player and Super Bowl Champion, Phil Villapiano joins the REVOLUTION this week.  This ex-NFL legend may just be the best...